2005 Awards


6th grade


1st  “ The Trebuchet” Trace Tjeerdsma and Alex Petrik


2nd  “Insulation” Chris Jerke and Brennan Hilzendeger


3rd  “ Which one holds the most?” Troy Kopp


Honorable Mention: “ “Which acid will perform faster?” Kim Jonas and Cheyenne Zimmerman


Honorable Mention: “Cooking Troubles” Jasmine Martin and Danielle Koupal


Junior High Group


1st “ Worms; Will they pass the test?” Jennifer Ratzlaff and Victoria Rezac


2nd  “ Does the life span of a bubble expand?” Amber Wiebenga and Trina Talsma


3rd   (TIE) “Calf vs. Vertical” Josh Fleek and Jon Vilhauer

       “ Sink or Float” Kela Cihak and Shelby Williams


Honorable Mention: “Protecting the head” Ervin Archambeau and Adam Oster


Honorable Mention: “What’s Cookin?” Kole Wynia and Jeff Bertus


Honorable Mention: “Buggy about microathropods” Dave Wiebenga and Teddy Fennema


Junior High Individual  


1st “Water Impurities” Nikki DeJong


2nd “Vitamin C content” Kala Rucktaeschel


3rd  “Which thermometer is more accurate?” Brittney Olsen


Honorable Mention: “Instant Energy; Just add sun” Nathan Rezac


Honorable Mention: “Dark or Light” Ryan Hauck


Honorable Mention: “The bigger the load, the bigger the punch” Marshall Cihak

Honorable Mention: “Step to it” Michaela Meiers




9th grade



1st “ Does bubble size affect ink collected? Tanner Hento


2nd  “ Airfoils” Clarence Vanderlei


3rd  “ Does seed size affect plant growth?” Megan Poppe


Honorable Mention  “ Water Lok” Janel Tolsma


Honorable Mention: “The Canteen” Andrew Powers


Honorable Mention : “ Rubber band heat engine” Mykel Glowcheski


Honorable Mention: “ Does alleophathy affect alfalfa germination?” Saddi Wynia


Honorable Mention: “Bake it or Buy it?” Emily Bartunek


High School


1st “ Brilliant Blue blue’s” Kendra Hauck and Lindsey VanGerpen


2nd  “Top Gun” Leslie VanGerpen and Hilary VanGerpen


3rd  “Rat Race” Kaycie Tjeerdsma


Honorable Mention: “Grow Yeast Grow” Jennifer Weber and Amy Schultz


Honorable Mention: “These Bugs are Chillin!” Elizabeth Rezac