2006 Avon  Awards

 6th grade

 1st  “ Are Seed Catalogs Full of Beans?” John Wynia & Jordon Johnson
 2nd  “Which Soil is Best?” Tyler VanDuysen & DJ DeJong
3rd  “Do Flowers need Aspirin?” Mathew Johnson
Honorable Mention: “Plop, Plop, Fizz,Fizz” Luke VanGerpen & Nick Poppe
Honorable Mention: “How Far Will it Go?” Lance Reiff
Honorable Mention: Horse-N-Around” Lanae VanGerpen
Honorable Mention: Shine Like New: Lexi Jurrens & Paige Vilhauer

 Junior High Group

 1st “ What Color Transports the most Light?” Kim Jonas & Cheyenne Zimmerman
2nd  “ Which metal is most rust resistant? ” Jasmine Schryvers & Trina Tolsma
3rd   “So Much Pressure” Cara Boyle & Michaela Meiers
Honorable Mention: “Who’s hungry for iron?” Gina Cuka Abby Cuka
Honorable Mention: “How lean is lean ground beef?” Josh Fleek & Marshal Cihak
Honorable Mention: “Calcium Propionate: Does it Work?” Karlin Diede & Emily Van Gerpen
Honorable Mention: “pH Levels” Matt Yule & Brennan Hilzendeger

Junior High Individual  

 1st “Can You Make Electricity?” Alex Petrik
2nd “I’m Rich, I Struck Oil” Nicole Jurrens
3rd  “Electric Potato” Ryan Hauck
Honorable Mention “Meltdown” Katie Voigt
Honorable Mention: “Random or Not?” Jasmine Martin
Honorable Mention “Light or Dark?” Troy Kopp
Honorable Mention “Starch or not?” Jon Vilhauer
Honorable Mention “Does Metal Expand, Contract, or Stay the Same?” Trace Tjeerdsma

9th grade

1st “ Cow Digestibility” Shelby Williams
2nd  “Which Soil has the Best Conductivity?” Victoria Rezac
3rd  “Heating with Alternatives” Nathan Rezac
Honorable Mention  “Jiminy Crickets” Jennifer Ratzlaff
Honorable Mention: “Gas Your Apples” Kala Rucktaeschel
Honorable Mention : “ Sink or Float” Diandra Diede
Honorable Mention: “Which Surface?” Kela Cihak
Honorable Mention: “Do You Smoke?” Heather Robinson
Honorable Mention: “Long Legs or Short Legs” Mathew Dykstra
Honorable Mention: “Let there be light” Kelsey Hento