6th Grade projects


1st Place: “Keeps going, going, and going” Alyson Roth & Emily Mudder


2nd Place: “Watch your Rear” Landon Berndt


3rd Place: Erosion Attack” Quentin Berndt & Adian Schryvers


Honorable Mentions:


“Acid Erosion” Ali Martin

“Scientific Toys” Riley Petrik

“Keep Cool” Logan Powers & Austin Kniffen

“Heat Absorber” James & Jeffrey Plaatje


Junior High Group


1st Place: “What Fertilizer is Best?” Tyler Van Duysen and Wyatt Beeson


2nd Place: “Got Pain? Dissolve it away” Emily VanGerpen & Karlin


3rd Place: “House of Wax” Lexi Halvorson & Paige Vilhauer


Honorable Mentions:


“Cheating in Baseball” Jackson Powers & Luke VanGerpen

“Nuts with Energy” Kari Rucktaeschel & Voni Finck

“Cat Sense” Kayla Mudder & Caitlyn Meiers

“Bounce vs. Distance” Matt Yule & Brennan Hilzendeger


Junior High Individual


1st Place: “How much juice do model trains need?” Matt Johnson


2nd Place: “How sweet it is” Jordon Johnson


3rd Place “ Man its windy” Alex Petrik


Honorable Mentions


“Corn Food Phosphate or Nitrogen” Cheyenne Zimmerman

“Keeping warm” Nick Poppe

“Home court advantage?” Lanae VanGerpen

“Compacted or not” Kim Jonas

“Burn up or flame out” Johnny Wynia

“Which bridge structure is the strongest” DJ Dejong

High School Individual


1st Place: “Can Ipods cause hearing damage” Abbey Cuka


2nd Place: “Does temperature affect germination?” Michaela Meiers


3rd Place: Full of Overgrazing” Ryan Hauck


Honorable Mentions:


“Spring” Ted Fennema

“Fertilizer Placement vs plant growth” Trina Talsma

“The effects of different masses” Amber Wiebenga

“Happy Healthy Plants” Cara Boyle

“Friction effects” Jon Vilhauer

“Does temperature affect batteries?” Marshall Cihak

“Does bacteria influence rust formation?” Gina Cuka

“Are you tired yet?” Jessica DeJong

“Liquid Energy” Erika Rohlk

“Repelling Insects” Vicky Koupal