Science Fair Awards 2008

High School Division

High School Best Ag Project – Karlin Diede "Does Drop Size Affect Drift Distance?"

Best Presentation – Matt Yule

Best Board – Derek Cihak

High School

1st – Derek Cihak -"Determining Angles"

2nd – Troy Kopp -"Caffeine Water"

3rd – Chris Jerke -"O Christmas Tree"

Honorable Mention

Jasmine Martin -"Freeze Speed"

Brennan Hilzendeger -"Best Driver"

Cheyenne Zimmerman –"Plant Depth"

Josh Cihak -"Density of Wood PSI"

Karlin Diede -"Does Drop Size Affect Drift Distance?"

Dani Koupal -"Which Water"

Junior High Individual Projects

Junior High Best Ag Project – Tyler Van Duysen

Best Presention – Tyler Van Duysen

Best Board – Tyler Van Duysen

1st – Tyler Van Duysen – "Need more Nodules"

2nd – Landon Berndt – "What’s in your diesel?"

3rd – Quentin Berndt – "Grow, Grow, Grow"

Honorable Mention

Joe Bertus – "Will it Grow"

Matt Johnson – "London Bridge is Falling Down"

Junior High Group Projects (Life Science/Environment)

Best Presentation – Kari Rucktaeschel, Caitlyn Meiers

Best Board – Paige Vilhauer, Lexi Halverson

1st – Kari Rucktaeschel, Caitlyn Meiers – "Does Temperature Matter"

2nd – Paige Vilhauer, Lexi Halverson - "Weedy Situation"

3rd – Voni Finck, Lexi Jurrens – "Double the Stubble"

Honorable Mention

Luke Van Gerpen, John Wynia – "Alcohol in Apples"

Brittney Wynia, Ali Martin – "Keeping Warm"

Junior High Group (Math/Physical Science)

Best Presentation – Jordan Johnson, DJ DeJong

Best Board – Lanae Van Gerpen, Shayna Nagel

1st – Dylan Chambers, Blake Howes – "The Great Acid Race"

2nd – Lanae Van Gerpen, Shayna Nagel – "How Small Can You Get"

3rd – Alyson Roth, Emily Mudder – "Blowin in the Wind"

Honorable Mention

DJ DeJong, Jordan Johnson – "Fast and Furious"

6th Grade

Best Presentation – Julie Boyle

Best Board – Michal Johnson

1st – Shay Mednansky, Ariana Oorlog – "Vitamin C"

2nd – Chesney Nagel – "Steak Out Your Knowledge"

3rd – Michael Johnson – "Brown vs. White – Which is Tougher?"

Honorable Mention

Clay Lukkes – "Which Milk"

Brandon Kocmich, Caleb Van Gerpen – "I think I can, I think I can"

Julie Boyle – "You’re in Hot Water"