2009 Science Fair Awards


High School

1st- Jordan Johnson                  “See Strawberry Run”

2nd – Lanae Van Gerpen           “Does Time Matter”

3rd – Tyler Van Duysen “Check your tires”

Honorable Mention

Caitlyn Meiers              “Banana Peels or Egg Shells”

Kayla Mudder                          “What color will it land on?”

Jackson Powers                       “Keppin’warm”

Matthew Johnson                     “The Heat’s on”

Kari Rucktaeschel                    “Do Spices Repel Ants?”

Lexi Halvorson             “Cricket Lullaby”

Voni Finck                               “Complexion Detection”

Lance Reiff                               “Heated Situation”

Luke Van Gerpen                     “Can You Hear Me Now?”


Best Ag Project – Lanae Van Gerpen

Best Presentation  - Jordan Johnson, Shayna Nagel, Lexi Halvorson

Best Board – Lexi Jurrens, Luke Van Gerpen, Kari Rucktaeschel


Junior High Group

1st – Emily Mudder & Alyson Roth                   “”Creating a Drier Washer”

2nd – Taylor Mudder & Logan Powers  “Can You Take the Pressure”

3rd – James Plaatje & Jeff Plaatje                      “Freeze Frenze”


Best Presentation – Emily Mudder & Alyson Roth

Best Board – Emily Mudder & Alyson Roth


Junior High Individual

1st – Michael Johnson  “Heads Up”     

2nd – Clay Lukkes                    “Building Better Butter”

3rd. – Landon Berndt                “Treated or Untreated”


Honorable Mention

Chesney Nagel                         “It’s Getting Hot in Here”

Ariana Oorlog                          “The Tooth Truth”

Brittany Wynia              “Soil vs. Water pH”

Julie Boyle                                “Hair of Steel”


Junior High Best Ag Project – Clay Lukkes & Landon Berndt

Best Presentation – Michael Johnson, Clay Lukkes, Ariana Oorlog

Best Board – Ariana Oorlog, Chesney Nagel




6th grade

1st – Zach Wynia                      “Strongest Line”

2nd – Amandy Reiff                   “Do U Brush”

3rd – Sami DeJong & Randi Hento        “Nuttin But Net”


Honorable Mention

Devin Tolsma & Kole Beeson   “Mountain Blue”

Logan Mudder & Coty Namminga        “Let’s Grow”

Cole Fillaus                                          “Acid Action”

Hailey Hilzendeger                                “Lighter Up”


Best Presentation – Zach Wynia, Marissa Diedi

Best Board – Devin Tolsma & Kole Beeson, Zach Wynia


Best Long Term Data Collection:

Jake & Josh Knodel Hailey Hilzendeger, Jesse Chambers & Liam Swanson, Devin Tolsma & Kole Beeson, Trey Doom & Jeremy Leibel