2010 Avon Science Fair Results


High School

1st – Alyson Roth - “Can reading be bad for your health?”

2nd – Landon Berndt – “Float’n on air”

3rd – Riley Petrik – “MgCl2  NaCl SIO2 

Honorable Mention:

James Plaatje and Jeffrey Plaatje – “Hot Chicks Cool Eggs”

Taylor Mudder – Gimme back my bullets”

Kayla Anderson – “The effect of time on carbonation levels in pop”

Austin Kniffen – “Sight Seeing”

Emily Mudder – “The effect of rubber playground chips on cricket mortality”


High School Best Ag – James Plaatje and Jeffrey Plaatje


Junior High Individual – Life Science

Tie for 1st – Ariana Oorlog “Save a Tree, Reuse Me”

                     Chesney Nagel “Brush the Stress Away”

3rd – Cole Fillaus “Soil Solution”

Honorable Mention

Julie Boyle “To Dye or not to Dye, that is the Question”

Logan Mudder “Crystallizing With Grass”


Junior High Best Ag – Cole Fillaus


Junior High Individual – Physical Science

1st – Peggy Plaatje  “Keeps Going and Going”

2nd – Caleb Van Gerpen – “Can You Hear Me Now”

3rd – Michael Johnson – “Defend the Castle!”

Honorable Mention

Nick Metteer “Lights Please”

Zach Wynia – “Bubble, Bubble, Peanut”


Junior High Group

1st – Jacob Knodel and Joshua Knodel – “Reaction Time”

2nd – Amanda Reiff and Samantha DeJong – “Can You Say Cheesy?”

3rd – Devin Tolsma and Kole Beeson – “Can You Smell That?”

Honorable Mention

Jacob Gibeau and Trey Doom – “Hooky”


6th Grade

1st – Faith Knodel – “Which Filter is Better?”

2nd – Lea Wormsbecker & Lexi Olson  - “Pebbles and Pies”

3rd – Chloe Van Gerpen & Karisa Markel – “Drink Up”

Honorable Mention

Rachel Blaha & Marie Fennema – “What are These Creepy Crawlies in our Backyard”

Ashton Mednansky & Courtney Stewart – “What is the Temperature?”

Alex Balvin – “Which Bean Plant will Grow Best in Which Soil?”