2011 Avon Science Fair Winners

9th Grade

1st Chesney Nagel – “Are you Sleeping”

2nd Caleb Van Gerpen – “Wireless through Walls”

3rd Clay Lukkes – “Self Storing wheel wrench for gravity boxes”

Honorable mention

Brandon Kocmich – “Bounce”

Julie Boyle  -“Let’s get Toasted”

Ariana Oorlog -  “The Determination of Germination”

Morgan Schwering  -“Beastly Yeast”

Best Ag High school – Clay Lukkes – “Self storing wheel wrench for gravity boxes”

Junior High Individual

1st Rachel Blaha – “Tasters Choice”

2nd Heidi Cap – “Soybean Fertilizers”

3rd Marie Fenneman ‘ “Cricket Colors”

Honorable Mention

Alex Balvin – “The Difference in Water Pressure”

Brendan Anderson – “Grow Crystals Grow”


Junior High Group

1st  Amanda Reiff and Sami Pfarr – “Now You See It, Now you Don’t”

2nd Marissa Diede and Mikayla Glowcheski – “ Toxic Juices”

3rd Josh Knodel and Jacob Knodel – “Crickets, Crickets Go Away”

Honorable Mention

Chloe Van Gerpen and Courtney Steward – “Light it up like its dynamite”

Cole Fillaus and Devin Tolsma – “Spit It Out”

Cody Namminga and Kole Beeson – “Dry It Down”

Logan Mudder and Zach Wynia – “What is PYKRETE?”

Junior High Best AG – Heidi Cap – “Soybean Fertilizers”

6th Grade

1st Riley Berndt – “Sticky Situation”

2nd Jill Bertus and Hanna Powers – “Bag a Berry”

3rd Ethan Knoll and Sammy Schryvers = “Orange Juice vs. Sunkist”

Honorable Mention

Brady Petrik – Bean Freeze

Hayden Powers and Riley Namminga – “Grow Beans Grow”

Eryn Schryvers and Courtney Buchholz – “The Taste test”

MacKenzie Meiers and Cacie Markel – “Moldy Bread”

Lukkes Mudder and Dylan Rasby – “Rust Away”

6th grade specialty awards

Best Effort – Slater Brodeen – “Soil vs. Water”

Best Board – Hanna Powers and Jill Bertus – “Bag a Berry”

Most Data – Sam Eben – “Bright Light”