At the same time of day, is the sky above always the same shade of blue?

At what temperature do seeds of a given kind grow best? (Build an environmental chamber.)

Build a telescope with plans from the sidewalk astronomers.

Build an award winning electric motor.

Build your own solar car.

Can a flat slab roll smoothly over non-round logs?

Can I do time-lapse photography with a digital camera and a computer?

 Can the prairie be reborn with seeds beneath a hundred-year-old house?

Create a solar panel that can produce hot water for the home.

Do air and light affect Vitamin C in orange juice?

Does the number of dimples affect the distance traveled by golf balls?

Exactly how strong is a spiderís web?

Find fossil shark teeth in local riverbeds and identify them.

Grow plants in a zero gravity environment.

Help out with the research at Mitchellís Indian Village.

How can you detect insects in a grain bin?

How do different conditions affect the speed at which vegetables ripen? (More like this from the USDA.)

How is "readability" measured? Were your parentsí textbooks more readable?

How is two-year-old talk different from ours?

How much water is in "drippy the raindrop"? Do raindrops and snowflakes contain the same amount of water?

How thick is a soap bubble? (Call for details.) Good bubble pictures at this site.

Invent a device that could make life easier for the handicapped.

Is there a relationship between well water contamination and animal pens?

Learn about "anamorphic art" and use it to distort a picture.

Make a working pinhole camera and explain it. What is the best size hole?

Make an antigravity chamber.

Map the annual rainfall in each South Dakota county and explain the differences.

Photograph the night sky by holding a camera lens open overnight.

Record a meteor shower in a professional manner.

What "mix" makes the strongest block of concrete?

What gender is the most likely to "run" a stop sign?

What happens when you grow sweet potatoes next to other plants? (More like this from the USDA.)

What is the most efficient way of generating prime numbers using a computer?


Who stands closest when they talk: boys-boys, girls-girls, boys-girls?

Experiment with antibubbles.

Build a robot.

Make your own hologram.

Build a wind tunnel.

Build a wind-powered generator.

Collect crystals of the seven systems and explain them.

How to read the mathematics of Ancient Babylon.

Build your Own Microscope or Stereoscope.

What is a superellipse?

Explore fractals.

Predict the period of a simple pendulum.