A.     Question: Does cornmeal gluten inhibit grass growth and/or fertilize the soil?

   B.     Hypothesis: I feel that the cornmeal gluten will inhibit grass growth, and also act as a fertilizer for the crop
  1. Procedure:
    1. I will place equal amounts of soil into two halves of a tray.
    2. I will add thirty oat seeds to each side and make sure they are evenly spaced and let the oats grow to two inches high.
    3. Next I will disperse grass seed evenly on each side.
    4. I will then add the cornmeal gluten to one side.
    5. The tray will then be watered and checked daily for germination of any grass seed.
    6. Next, I will check the germination rates for the grass seed to see whether the cornmeal gluten inhibited the growth of the grass.
    7. After a certain amount of time I will cut the plants down and take the mass of the oats to determine whether the cornmeal gluten helped as a fertilizer.

      D.) Experimental Setup:

              a.)    Independent variable: Cornmeal gluten
              b.)    Dependent variable: grass seed germination and growth of oats
              c.)    Constants: water, light, time, soil
              d.)    Control: The half of the tray without cornmeal gluten.

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